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EBONY QUALLS        JILLINA         BELLADONNA            ZHOR              OMARIS           ZIZI ZABANEH


- Music must be 4 minutes maximum

- Drum solo 2 minutes maximum
- Must be culturally appropriate

- Highest points wins $500 CASH

- Must purchase a FULL DAY PASS or be working at FOTNI 2024 as an officially sanctioned volunteer.


- Pro Raqs Sharqi/Folkloric/AmCab

- Rising Star Raqs Sharqi/Folkloric/AmCab

- Pro Folkloric

- Rising Star Folkloric

- Professional Drum Solo with Live Music

- Rising Star Drum Solo with

  Pre- Recorded Music

- Professional Fusion/Tribal/Spanish

- Rising Star Fusion/Tribal/Spanish

- Troupes 2-12 Performers (All Forms)

- Women Over 65 Raqs Sharqi/Fusion


- Dance Technique

- Creativity/Uniqueness
- Costumes, Makeup, and Hair
- Musical Interpretation

- Entrance and Exits
- Use of the Stage
- Showmanship
- Choreography
- Soloists: Expression, Timing, Transitions
- Groups: As Above Plus Group Dynamic


1. All contestants must sign a release form before the competition. Failure to sign a release form will result in being disqualified.
2. Check in with staff the day of the competition and no later than two hours before the competition begins.
3. Entries WILL NOT be accepted after the deadline of April 7, 2024 unless approved by the event producer.
4. No communication with the judges before the competition.
5. Contestants in this competition must be at least 18 years or older.
6. Send your MP3 or AAC to when you sign up for the competition. Bring a back-up MP3 on a CD or memory stick with only one song on it with your name and category printed on it, music is due on later than April 7, 2024.
7. All contestants must not exceed four minutes (drum solos 2 minutes) for their complete performance and will be timed. Points will be subtracted for going over the time limit. Group Size: min 2 - max 12 participants in a group.
8. All dances will be performed on our main stage only, no dancing off stage.
9. Wear cover-ups over your costume when not performing.
10. Competition Participants, Guest Performers, Vendors, and Judges authorize Firestorm Productions Inc., Mon Zeeki Photography, and Embrace World Cultures, entities, associates, and/or heirs to use or sell any or all photos or video taken during the Festival on the Nile World Dance Competition, for educational, promotional, and professional purposes without compensation, releasing all rights to the material.
11. Any competitor winning any category of The Festival on the Nile International Queen of the Nile Bellydance Competition, agrees to use the title of that category correctly, for publicity and allows Firestorm Productions Inc to use images, videos and likeness without further compensation (Competition Name, Your Name, Year, Category).
12. All judges' scores are final. Written feedback may be given to contestants if requested.

13. Entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Categories must have a minimum of three performances to be judged with prizes awarded.

14. Drum Solos will be played by Master Drummer Susu Pampanin

15. Live Drum Solo Category must accompany another Pro Category to sign up.

16. Those participating in the Competition ONLY and are not taking workshops must pay the regular competition rate with no discounts applied.)

1. Audience Videotaping is not allowed. Please speak to Firestorm Productions Inc.’s team to purchase a video of the competition.
2. Audience Photos are not allowed. Please speak with Mon Zeeki Photography to purchase photos of the competition.

If the performance is interrupted by a failure on our part, performers may begin their routine again without penalty. If the performance is interrupted by the performer’s equipment, music, props, costume malfunctions, etc., the team may continue or withdraw from the competition.

Teams showing inappropriate choreography/costuming/music/behavior, participants that were not registered, or running over allotted time will be disqualified.

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